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We are a creative agency located in Flekkefjord, Norway.

We believe in a diverse range of personnel to bring creative skills, thoughts, and ideas to the table

  • Ronald Lohne

    Studio Manager & Designer

    +47 48 40 02 64
    The passion for design started in the early 2000’s and he has his title as a Graphic Designer after graduating at Westerdals School of Communications in 2006.

  • Hugo Skarsten Larsen

    Photographer, Designer & Consultant

    +47 48 99 08 96
    Studied photography at Norsk Fotofagskole 2001-2003. Since then he has been working as a freelance photographer doing commercial work and exhibitions. Graphic design since 2006.

  • Richard Haugland

    Art Director & Text

    +47 91 10 88 94
    Typographer and designer from Amedia and Schibsted. Studied graphic design with projectmanagment at IGM. He enjoys working with visual identity, text and market strategy.

  • Kris Norman

    Production & Sales

    +47 45 8172 41
    Kris is our brilliant technical engineer. Manages workflow and production of signage and vinylwrapping.

  • Alexander Sirnes

    Web, Design & Production

    +47 48 99 08 96
    He’s been working with design since 2000s, and incorporates his perfectionism and structure in both design and production. A thinker and technical problemsolver.

  • Bjørn Ivar Liland

    Freelance Designer

    +47 99 57 22 10
    Bjørn is a multi-discipline designer living in Oslo, with over 17 years of experience as a design professional. Enjoys a challenge and loves creating great looking experiences from A to Z.


We develop, design and build products and services to create value for our clients and engage their users. With efficient product development processes we reduce time to market for clients’ offerings.


Visual identity is about the brand’s overall visual expression. We have developed visual identities for many important brands, and is strategically based process that insures a relevant and differentiated visual spectacle.


We can help you with all of the printing; whether it be business cards, ads, brochures, books, annual reports, magazine ect. No job is too big, no job is too small.


We develop unique concepts for campaigns of all sizes. We help get the message out on all surfaces, and integrity between them. We also have good suppliers in video production.


The web can be your most important marketing channel, and it is smart to keep updated. Personalize your website updated out, perceived your business that date.


These days there is to be available on mobile surfaces for granted. We can help you with both mobile applications and mobile customized website (RWD)


It is important to be clear in all communications to build your brand. We deliver letter templates in Word, Powerpoint Templates and everything else by postal printed matter.


It is important to be clear so that the right customers find you. Fleet graphics, window foil, and signs are useful tools we can help you.


Should you attend a trade show, it’s nice to stand out in the crowd of stands. Divorced, walls, give-aways – you name it – ask us.


If you need photography or photo, we can help with this. Whether it’s product, fashion or other.


Fine illustrations can often be the crowning glory. We are affiliated with several illustrators, in addition to our own lines, to make your profile different.


We can offer copywriting, copyediting and text correction. We are also affiliated with external copywriters if longer texts should be authored.


3D design is used for visualization of models such as products, or interior/exterior. We have great expertise in this field. Please contact us for assistance..


All of promotional materials such as clothing, workwear, products, packaging or give-aways. Whether it be to you as an individual or your company. We take all assignments.


Are you into music? We have many years of experience in the making of music albums, sinlges ect. We also work with several famous music studios.


We can through our plotters and cutter make unique products according to customer request and profile. It can be wallpapers, big poster, labels, billboards or window decals.


Do you want your logo milled or perhaps burned into wood? Maybe embossing the logo on leather, embroidery on fabric, or stamping it into paper? We can help you with your needs and your expression..